Driving Profitability through Supply Chain Segmentation

Driving Profitability through Supply Chain Segmentation
October 30, 2020 Thomas Escobedo

IAC Partners, an advisory company with a strong engineering culture organized a webinar on supply chain segmentation. Here is a summary of this event. For more information on this subject, you can reach Nicolas Huygevelde, Managing Partner North America: nicolas.huygevelde@iacpartners.com, +1 (845) 637 5437

Event Summary

Supply chain segmentation is an effective way of designing customer centric supply chains while managing trade-offs between revenue growth and cost efficiency. Supply chain segmentation is increasing becoming a key mechanism for global supply chains to unlock additional value and improve the overall customer experience. This is being driven by increasing global competition, proliferation of alternative channels to market and burgeoning digitalization.

Umang Goyal, Managing Partner, shared our unique approach to design segmented supply chain strategy to deliver rapidly results together with our experience of supporting clients across heavy engineering, life science and consumer products industries.


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