Genoskin V.I.E. Junior Web Developer

Genoskin V.I.E. Junior Web Developer
December 16, 2020 Thomas Escobedo

Genoskin is looking for a V.I.E Junior Web Developer. Genoskin is a biotechnology company started in 2011. The company has labs and offices in Toulouse (France) and outside of Boston, in Salem (MA). They are seeking a junior web developer to join as a V.I.E. for the US team in Salem, MA. This is an opportunity to be part of a fast-growing company that aims to provide pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries with a brand new and forefront model of B2B shop to ease and secure the development of their products as well as providing them with more precise and accurate human data.


  • Help on WordPress development including:
    • Creation of the website architecture
    • Generation of themes and plugins, site integrations and implementing security updates
    • Design and management of the website back-end (database and server integration)
    • Conduct website performance tests
    • Troubleshoot content issues
    • Update website layout/user interface by using standard HTML/CSS/Javascript practices and working closely with the marketing team (WordPress framework)
  • Help integrate data from various back-end services and databases
  • Help create software documentation
  • Help maintain our online shop (Woocommerce)
  • Help improve and organize databases to expand and scale our online shop


  • Full-stack development
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization knowledge
  • Innovative problem diagnosis and creative problem-solving skills
  • Experience in computer science or proof of experience in web development
  • Proficiency in Google Workplace
  • Outstanding communication skills needed

How to apply: send resume to


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