FABS – Life Sciences, Biotechnology

Guiding Bio-Entrepreneurs in the highly specific New England Environment

About Us

The French-American Biotechnology Springboard (FABS) team was developed in collaboration with the French-American Chamber of Commerce of New England (FACCNE) with the aim to guide French Bio-Entrepreneurs in the highly-specific scientific, business, and cultural environment of New England.

The team is comprised of experienced, French and American volunteers with relevant backgrounds and skills who have and/or have held positions in Massachusetts-based biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


What we do

  • New England’s first stop support to accelerate the understanding of the life sciences landscape and institutions relevant to a company’s growth
  • Connect companies to relevant stakeholders in academia, industry and business and provide a personalized introduction based on company-specific needs
  • Raise key business questions related to France/US markets
  • Provide knowledge on cross cultural differences
  • Provide advice on strategic prioritization efforts
  • Improve pitch strategy to various audiences
  • Organize annual meetings on innovation key trends in health care

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