Full Pamphlet – FWBN Coaching Circles


Agility is the capability to make meaning from complex and uncertain events. The only way to become more agile is by growing our personal and professional capacities. The more complexity and uncertainty we face, the higher the level of agility we require.

We are excited to offer the women of FACC this unique learning experience to increase the levels of leadership agility needed in both their personal and professional lives. Combining assessment, interaction, intensive small group work and individual coaching, this series’ purpose is to facilitate the growth of each participant’s level of agility in four areas: context-setting, creativity, self-leadership, and stakeholder analysis.

Program duration: 16 hours over 12 weeks

Program cost: $1,250* *plus the fee for the Accelerator.

Sessions start: Sept 15, 2021, Oct 15, 2021, Nov 15, 2021

*The Accelerator, $100, is a self-assessment and a short cut for individuals to discover the areas of agility where they are strong as well as challenged.

If you are a woman who is responsible for getting results by working with others, who manages a team, who must influence and persuade without formal authority, and/or who wants to be a better version of yourself, then yes, these Coaching Circles are for you.

To learn more email Sophie Koenig-Rodriguez, FWBN Chair: