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H4D is a company targeting remote medicine founded in 2008 by Dr. Franck Baudino. H4D revolutionized the telemedicine sector in France with the “Consult Station”, the first free-standing connected medical booth that enables a full clinical examination from a remote physician. Today, H4D offers the “Consult Station” to intermediate and large companies who can offer healthcare to their employees directly at their job site, as well as rural areas and “medical deserts” to facilitate access to care. H4D launched its bid in the US in 2019 from their offices in Boston.

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Little Sprouts is an award-winning network of preschools in New England. Every element of the Little Sprouts early education experience is part of our joyful mission to make children feel happy and parents feel confident. When we first opened Little Sprouts in 1982, we realized the importance of offering children an early start in play-based education and the remarkable impact it can have on their lifelong development. Each day, children engage in an array of activities designed to inspire learning, curiosity, and joy. At our core, Little Sprouts offers a child-centric environment that will allow children to grow and develop safely, surrounded by love, with an emphasis on family connection and relationships.
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Voluntis creates digital therapeutics that empower people suffering from chronic conditions to self-manage their treatment every day. Combining mobile and web apps, Voluntis’ solutions delivery personalized recommendations to the patient and the care team that so that they can, for example, adjust treatment dosage, manage side effects or monitor symptoms. These real-time recommendations are based on digitized clinical algorithms. Voluntis has solutions in diabetes and oncology. Based out of Boston and Paris, France, Voluntis is a founding member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.
For more information: https://www.voluntis.com

CarThera designs and develops innovative therapeutic ultrasound-based medical devices for treating brain disorders. The company has developed the SonoCloud, an intracranial ultrasound implant that opens the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to temporarily increase the permeability of the blood vessels and improve the penetration of therapeutic agents in the brain. Invented by a French Neurosurgeon, Pr. Alexandre Carpentier, the SonoCloud technology is appropriate for the treatment of brain diseases in general. Oncology indications are the company’s primary target but investigations are ongoing into other conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases and Alzheimer’s disease in particular.
For more information: http://carthera.eu

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