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Imbria Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to translate our understanding of cellular metabolism into innovative medicines that improve the lives of patients with limited or inadequate treatment options. The Company was founded by doctors and launched by an all doctor executive team motivated by both the promise of bringing new therapies to people in need and the commitment to always put the patients, families and communities that Imbria serves at the forefront of all that that the company does.
For more information: https://www.imbria.com/

Education & Conseil propose des services en ligne de conseils académiques et d’orientation pour les français expatriés (de quelques semaines à 1 an) de la 3ème à la Terminale. Que vos enfants désirent suivre des études en France ou en Europe, aux Etats-Unis ou au Canada, mes plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans l’éducation française, américaine et internationale en tant qu’enseignante, conseillère d’orientation et directrice de lycée apportent une dimension pédagogique et académique unique rarement offerte. J’aide aussi les familles qui ont besoin d’aide à la transition vers le secondaire américain et lors d’un retour en France.
Pour plus d’informations consultez le site www.educationetconseil.com et prenez rendez-vous pour un bilan gratuit.

The Law Office of George D. Hepner, III, located in Westbrook, Maine, provides a full range of immigration law services to clients in the United States and worldwide. A boutique immigration law firm committed to providing comprehensive, personalized legal services to all its clients. The practice is made up of legal professionals that collectively bring more than 60 years of experience in U.S. & Global Immigration.
For more information: https://georgehepner.com/

Seaborn is transforming global communications as the leading independent developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems. Unique among independent cable operators, Seaborn fully operates and maintains its submarine and terrestrial cable infrastructure. POPs, terrestrial backhaul, landing stations and subsea cable are all under Seaborn’s control, regardless of who the anchor tenant or other customer may be. Seaborn also has its own primary and disaster recovery NOCs. And we activate capacity faster than anyone else in the industry.

For more information: https://www.seabornnetworks.com/

Insidevision means expertise to technically overcome the visual handicap (at school, professional integration, counselling and training) thanks to our dedicated teams. Insidevision offers an extended range of products for blind and visually-impaired people. TV magnifiers, magnifying glasses, reading machines, screen-enlarger software, voice synthesis, Braille equipments…  Should you wish to know more about us please feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to demonstrate all that can be done with the INSIDE family of products together with the associated software.

For more information: http://insidevision.fr/index_UK.html

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