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FACCNE presents “Let’s Chat!”: a serie of online chats, putting the spotlight on our very talented members via short, sharp and casual conversations.

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Alistair Schneider, CEO of  Innouvo| 10/20/2020 | 3 min

Alistair Schneider is the CEO and co-founder of Innouvo, Boston’s most advanced Venture Studio. For the last 20 years Alistair has worked to build, transform, pivot and improve business units, functions and, ultimately, entire companies. These include corporations and startups. On this short video, Alistair explains what a Venture Studio is and how they can help scale and expand companies by strengthening their ecosystem which is the core of a successful business. Innouvo is also at the forefront of innovation and they are organizing a virtual summit on Nov 12th, 2020 on the EcoCity Revolution: https://bit.ly/3m1KjGY

Lily Dionne-Jermanovich, Marketing Magician at  Michel et Augustin| 10/13/2020 | 6 min

Lily is passionate about pastry and loves butter! She is one of the Troublemakers of Taste at Michel et Augustin. Two middle school friends, Michel and Augustin started their entrepreneurial adventure in their small kitchen in Paris. They wanted to make the tastiest, most fun treats imaginable with simple ingredients. With hard work, lots of baking, they are now selling their delicious cookies (and more!) in 24 countries! Lily tells us all about their special products only available in the US, especially their Croissant Chips, the perfect combination of the best French and American snacks.

Philippe Latapie, Managing Director of  StratX| 10/6/2020 | 6 min

Philippe Latapie leads the Boston office of StratX. They help companies develop new talents from new managers to top level executives by designing leadership programs focused on strategic thinking, innovation, decision making and business acumen. They have a unique way of doing this which is called Experiential Learning. Philippe is also the Treasurer of FACCNE and has joined the Board more than 6 years ago. To know more about Philippe, about Experiential Learning and also what it takes to be part of our Board, watch this interview!

Celia Belline, CEO of  CILcare| 9/29/2020 | 3 min

Did you know that hearingloss is at epidemic prevalence with almost half a billion people affected worldwide?! Our member Celia Belline, CEO of CILcare knows it well as she has made hearing her priority! It will take you just 3 minutes to watch this new Let’s Chat interview to know more about CILcare, their clients, activities and their latest nomination for the prestigious Prix Galien MedStartup award!

Olivier Jamin Changeart, Founder and CEO of  OJC Artisan of Sound| 9/15/2020 | 5 min

“Sonic Branding is to your ears what visual branding is to your eyes”, says Olivier Jamin Changeart, the founder and CEO of OJC Artisan of Sound. OJC  is a sonic branding boutique that design and develop unique sonic identities for brands and organizations. They are creating the audio language of a brand, based on its essence, values and personality. OJC is currently offering a free audio audit that will provide an audio roadmap and will help businesses understand how they can improve their communication using effective and targeted audio assets. For more information, click here.

Clement Michel, President and CEO of  Keolis North America| 9/15/2020 | 5 min

Keolis is a leading provider of passenger transportation services, carrying millions of people throughout the world via train, metro, bus and bike each year. Clément Michel, the President and CEO of its North America’s branch shares with us in this short interview the challenges they are facing in this market, how Keolis is helping cities everyday to become more sustainable and finally why they chose Boston to relocate their North American headquarters.

Emmanuel Arnaud, CEO of  HomeExchange | 9/8/2020 | 8 min

Emmanuel Arnaud is the CEO of HomeExchange, a world leader in the home swapping market. Emmanuel is also the President of French Tech Boston, a community of more 85 French entrepreneurs and C-level executives in tech startups with global or US headquarters in New England.

Alexandra Suhas, Partner at Alexia Partners | 9/1/2020 | 10 min

Alexandra, partner at Axelia Partners, a service firm providing one-stop shop consulting and back office solutions to European companies,  share her experience and insights for entrepreneurs who would like to set up their businesses in the US. “Be well prepared and well supported by experts” that would be her first advice.

Arnaud Mentré, Consul General of France in Boston | 7/14/2020 | 7 min

Happy Bastille Day! On this 14th of July 2020, we are delighted to welcome Arnaud Mentré, Consul General of France in Boston. Since his assignment in Boston in 2018, Arnaud Mentré and his team at the French Consulate have been working on strengthening transatlantic relationships with universities and businesses and also providing support to the 20000 French citizens based in New England, especially in the last couple of months with the pressing challenges they have endured with the travel and visa restrictions.

Geraldine Guillermin, Co-founder and Head of School at OFA Lycée | 7/7/2020 | 9 min

OFALycée™ is the first institution to offer online, supplemental French Baccalaureate education to students in the United States or anywhere else in the world. In this short chat, watch why Géraldine Guillermin, co-founder and Head of School decided to create this unique digital educational approach combining schooling in an American high school with a French education from the 6th to the 12th Grade.

Renaud Megard, CEO of NFI Corp | 6/30/2020 | 7 min

Renaud is a passionate serial entrepreneur. After 20 years in the supply chain industry, Renaud decides to make the switch and acquires NFI Corp, now the global leader in high performing printed graphic solutions.  Renaud runs four successful businesses and with the current pandemic, managed to switch production to the manufacturing of disposable face shields, floor labels and signage for hospitals, restaurants and any businesses reopening in this ‘new normal’.

Jérôme Bergère, Chef and Owner, La Voile Restaurants | 6/23/2020 | 6 min

Restaurants have been greatly impacted by the pandemic so after more than two months of lockdown, Jérôme is thrilled to welcome patrons again on the terraces of his two restaurants in Back Bay and Brookline. They are also offering the delivery of delicious French food for lunch and dinner. Check their menus with fixed priced menu or À la Carte, you will feel like you’ve been transported to France!

Pauline Dides, Elementary School Director, International School of Boston | 6/16/2020 | 10 min

Pauline has recently joined the International School of Boston as the director of the Elementary school. She is passionate and dedicated to the wellbeing of her students. She is sharing with us how the entire teaching team is working hard preparing the ‘rentrée’ (back to school) in the fall. She also announced the launch of a new Toute Petite Section  (TPS) for two-year old children.

Charles Miglietti , CEO, Toucan Toco | 6/9/2020 | 6 min

Charles started Toucan in 2014. In just a few years, Toucan is now recognized as the leader in data storytelling and completed its first-ever round of funding in 2019 for $13 Million. Despite the lockdown, they are growing their team in Boston and hired four new employees. And they are still looking for new talents!