List of French Subsidiaries

This list of French subsidiaries is a document compiled by our team referencing French companies* established in New England.

  • 240+ French companies identified by FACCNE
  • Descriptions of field, activities, & contact information
  • Saves you time in your job/internship search in New England
  • Convenient Microsoft Excel file


  • $55.00 for non-members
  • $30.00 for FACCNE members

Please note: Once you purchase the list, you will receive it in a separate email within 48 hours. If any issues, contact us. 



Please note that the FACCNE has compiled this list using publicly available data and other information available to it through direct contact with certain companies in the New England area.

While the FACCNE has endeavored to compile a list that is as complete and accurate as reasonably possible, the FACCNE does not make any representation and does not provide any assurance as to, and assumes no responsibility for, the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in this list. 

* Subsidiaries, branches and stores of French Companies as well as American Companies founded by French Nationals.

** By purchasing and accepting delivery of this list, the purchaser hereby acknowledges the foregoing disclaimer and agrees that neither the purchaser, nor any of its owners, affiliates, agents or representatives, will make any claim against the FACCNE with respect to the completeness or accuracy of this list or attempt in any manner to hold the FACCNE legally liable for any damages that may result to any person from any inaccuracy or omission with respect to the information contained therein.