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As experts in electronic data capture for patients in clinical trials, Kayentis has been involved in clinical development since 2003, helping sponsors and CROs to bring simplicity to the collection of clinical trials data for both patients and sites. Kayentis offers a wide range of eCOA solutions that are compatible and can be adapted for all clinical trial needs. Offering new perspectives to improve the quality of clinical trials, they provide solutions to maximize patient engagement and compliance.

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Nanobiotix has been pioneering nanomedicine for more than 17 years to bring a different approach to medicine. Their therapeutic technologies are not based on biology or chemistry – they are based on physical principles at nanoscale. This paradigm shift has allowed Nanobiotix to discover novel approaches to improving treatment outcomes. By viewing the human body through the lens of physics a new realm of possibilities has emerged.

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Rimon was designed from scratch to optimize quality, teamwork, and innovation, without the usual inefficiencies of the conventional law firm model. They removed the bureaucracy, politics, wasteful spending, and internal conflicts that came with the old pyramid model. Instead, they focused on recruiting top-tier legal talent, giving them the freedom to serve our clients with ease, and equipping them with all the resources they need to work closely together as a team.

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