Webinar Recordings

Since the beginning of the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, FACCNE has been active in organizing weekly virtual events. It is at the core of our mission to continue providing valuable, high-level content and knowledge from experts in their own fields for our members.

Below are the recordings of all past webinars incase you missed one!

What does the latest Executive Order entail for visa seekers / holders, their companies and families?  (event in French) with Adeline Simenon, Director and Head of the Business Immigration practice at Paul Frank + Collins. 6/30/2020

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace: How being an Expat can help you and others through this crisis with Carin-Isabel Knoop, Executive Director at Harvard Business School and Sylvie Maury, Integrative Life and Wellness coach at Self Path Coaching. 6/18/2020

Covid-19 and Startups: Surviving and thriving – an approach for founders and investors” with Angelica Carr, Pritchett certified M&A Integration expert and Executive Coach. 5/20/2020

Covid-19 and its Effect on US Business Immigration Policy and Practice with Scott J. FitzGerald, Managing Partner, Erin Brummer, Senior Associate and Alexandra Branzburg, Senior Associate at Fragomen 4/15/2020